With the current COVID-19 restrictions, it can be a challenge to fully accommodate customer demand. Baw Baw Eat & Explore is designed to connect customers with your business while showing off Baw Baw’s beautiful parks and outdoor spaces.

To take part, all your customer needs to do is scan the provided QR Code and they will discover a map of all the outdoor dining tables and spaces in the local area. While you’re packaging their takeaway in one of our Picnic Boxes, they can find somewhere scenic that suits their needs and head off to enjoy their meal in the great outdoors. 


Please see below to download the QR Code for your participating town, ready to print and distribute to your customers.


Council is also offering Baw Baw Eat & Explore cardboard picnic boxes, and printed QR codes in A3 and A4 size free of charge to make the process easier for you.

Simply click the ‘Add Listing’ button below to register and our team will be in touch to organise delivery of all the materials direct to your business and answer any questions you may have. 



Council is also committed to help facilitate on-site outdoor dining where possible to mitigate the impacts of COVID-19 restrictions on your business.

For more information visit


And while you’re here, let us thank you for your outstanding resilience and your contribution to our communities. We understand the last year has been such a challenge for our local businesses, and we look forward to supporting you all as we recover. 

If you require any additional support or would like to contact Council to discuss how we can further support your business, please call 1300 BAW BAW

This initiative is proudly supported by the Victorian Government and Baw Baw Shire Council.